A Guide to Using Hydraulic Reversible Plough in Agriculture

Agriculture has become even more accessible and efficient since the advent of cutting-edge technology. Farmers save time and energy while increasing yields by utilizing a variety of innovative farm implements. One of the best examples of such technology is the reversible plough. It is an innovative machine that uses a hydraulic operating system to turn over soil in fields. This revolutionary farm implements serves a wide range of benefits such as soil inversion, composting, ploughing, and many more. But how it functions and how to use it to obtain maximum benefits?

In this blog, we will learn about the basics of the reversible plough as well as how it works in real-time to benefit farmers. So, let's get started.

Understanding Reversible Plough And Its Functions

The Basics of a Reversible Plough

A reversible plough is a heavy duty agricultural machinery that is used for initial soil preparation such as soil inversion, soil breaking, tillage, and many more. It works on a hydraulic mechanism and can be directly attached to the tractor through a shaft.

The hydraulic reversible plough mainly have three components:

  • Ploughshare: That cuts the soil into numerous pieces.
  • Moldboard: Main component in soil inversion
  • Frame: Provides stability to the whole mechanism

Due to the availability of Moldboard, it is also called reversible mb plough. It is one of the crucial implements that is used during soil preparation for reducing time and energy.

The Advantages of Reversible Ploughs

The hydraulic reversible plow is an excellent instrument for making soil fertile. There is a huge range of benefits that you can get by using reversible mb plough.

  • Reversible plough helps in aeration of the land by making the soil loose to hold air and moisture.
  • Moldboard breaks the upper solid and dead layer of the soil so that it can bring up the fertile and nutrient rich soil below.
  • It cuts, pulverizes, and moves the soil in desired terms for creating a suitable surface to plant seed. That's why reversible plough is the best tool for deep tillage activities.
  • Reversible hydraulic plough is also helpful in soil maintenance and care. It removes crop residues after harvesting and prepares the soil for new plants.

Reversible plough also have other numerous functionalities such as mixing compost in the land, cutting and burying trash deep into the soil, etc.

Types of Reversible Ploughs

Conventional Reversible MB Plough

The traditional reversible plough is a single moldboard mounted equipment used for primary tilth activities. It provides standard features and shows hybrid implementation which requires manpower.

Hydraulic Reversible MB Plough

The hydraulic reversible mb plough is an automatic and multi moldboard equipment. Its blades are sharp and fast moving which helps in achieving effective productivity.

Reversible Disc Plough

Reversible disc plough is the advanced version of conventional reversible plough with metal discs in the replacement of moldboard. It provides higher efficiency for a wide range of applications with no blocking, tangling, and hilling. Moreover, the hydraulic reversible disc plough also help in automated action can be adjusted for different farms and tractors.

In furrow reversible plough

These furrow reversible ploughs are generally used for flat surfaces. As the name suggests, it works inside the furrows created in the previous pass to turn the soil.

Fully Mounted Reversible Plough

Fully mounted reversible ploughs are designed to be completely operated and supported by tractors. They present versatile applications for both small and large farming operations.

Reversible Plough Components

We have already understood a little about the different components of reversible ploughs. Now let's talk about it in detail. A reversible MB plough has 3 distinctive parts that work together effectively for soil inversion.

  • The first is the ploughshare or the edged blades that cut the surface and enter deep into it soil to bring out the nutrient-rich layer. The blades are made of strong cast iron for maximum strength and efficacy.
  • Moldboard is a curved surface made of steel attached to the share. It serves to remove the mold from the surface of the part turned by the share.
  • A coulter is a sharp moving circular blade that grinds and mixes the turned soil to create an even surface. It also makes sure that there are no lumps remaining in soil which can further be an obstacle for aeration.
  • The hitch is the point of attachment for the tractor and the plough. It provides stability to the whole system and a point of adjustment to control ploughing in different fields.

Operating a Reversible Plough

Operating a reversible plough is very simple and just need a careful understanding of the whole mechanism. As we have discussed above the plough is attached by the hitch to the tractor. The key feature of the plough is the hydraulic cylinder the controls the rotation and flipping of blades. It is attached to the frame near the pivot point.

When the power turns on the hydraulic system gets activated and the action begins. The notable thing is the reversible action of the plough that enables ploughing in the opposite direction. It saves both time and energy by reducing the need for human involvement.

Maintenance and Care

For long-term and consistent performance, the reversible mb plough requires proper maintenance and care. Have a look at the following points to understand how to maintain regular upkeep.

  • After ploughing, it is important to clean the machine properly otherwise the debris may cause problems in functioning.
  • Parts should be lubricated and oiled regularly so that they can operate smoothly.
  • Check all the attachments before powering on the machine and ensure everything is harnessed properly.
  • Do a weekly or monthly inspection for the wear and tear parts. On any confusion regarding the technical operations immediately contact to customer support.
  • Make sure to follow the safety protocols during plowing.


The hydraulic reversible plough is a game changing technology in the field of agriculture. It not only eases the task of farmers but also enhances productivity. Therefore, farmers should adapt with the upcoming technologies and implement them to achieve higher yields with less effort. However, the implementation of the reversible plow with hydraulic technology requires proper training. If there is any confusion you need to consult with the manufacturer of hydraulic reversible plough for proper guidance.

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