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Frequently Asked Questions

What is tractor operated sprayer?

A tractor-operated sprayer is an agricultural equipment that is mounted on a tractor. It is used to spray liquid chemicals on crops such as pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers to control insects, diseases, and weeds.

Tanks, pumps, nozzles, boom and control systems are some of its most important components that need to be maintained every once in a while.

What are the different types of tractor-operated sprayers?

There are several types of tractor-operated sprayers that you should choose according to your application, requirement and field size. Some main options are: boom sprayers, air-assisted sprayers, mounted sprayers, trailed sprayers, mist blowers, strip sprayers, etc.

What are the advantages of tractor mounted sprayers?

The biggest advantage of this sprayer is that you will be able to use it without direct exposure to dangerous chemicals. In addition, it saves you money and time by spraying more areas with less labour and shorter time. Also, the consistent process of the tractor-driven sprayer distributes the chemical evenly over all the crops.

What is the price of a tractor sprayer?

It is a bit difficult to give the exact price of a tractor sprayer as it depends on the type, company, functions and size of the sprayer. However, we can tell you its range. Its basic manual sprayer can be priced from ₹38,000 to ₹5.5 lakh for the top models.

What features are important for a tractor-operated sprayer?

Before buying a tractor sprayer, you should make a list of your requirements based on farm size, budget etc. This will give you an idea of what size tank you need for the sprayer, and how much boom length you need to cover the area and also consider pump capacity and pressure, nozzle type and size, tractor compatibility and most importantly cost.

Also, it is important to have an easy maintenance and simple control system to use without anyone's help.

What safety precautions should I take when using a tractor-operated sprayer?

However, tractor-operated sprayers significantly reduce the risk of chemical spraying. But while filling chemicals in its tank, you should wear all kinds of personal protective equipment (PPE). Also, during the spraying process, check that there should be no people around.

Also, follow all instructions provided by the manufacturer for the specific sprayer type.

How do I clean and maintain a tractor-operated sprayer?

First of all, wear gloves and protective equipment for the tractor sprayer cleaning process. After using the sprayer, rinse the tank three times with water to completely remove the chemical. Also, clean the filter and nozzle with water.

After washing with water, check that the nozzle and other parts are not blocked. If so, clean it with a soft brush or special cleaning equipment.

In addition to cleaning after use, weekly and monthly maintenance of tractor-powered sprayers is also required. This includes deep cleaning with specific cleaning agents, checking the pump and filter, tightening loose bolts and nuts, and cleaning the exterior of the sprayer.

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