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tractor operated sprayer


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    Tractor operated Sprayer

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Tractor Operated Spray Pump Tractor Operated Power Sprayer is a trailed solution that is suitable for all types of crops including vegetables and fruits. Its substantial 1000-liter tank covers vast areas effortlessly. Equipped with a horizontal triplex power (HTP) pump requiring 2.0-5.0 kW, it ensures thorough spraying with hollow cone nozzles. Ideal for tractors with 15 HP and above, it's your reliable partner in safeguarding crops.

Product Specification

Model UT0S-010
Tank Capacity 1000 Litre
Type Trailed
Overall Length 3110 mm
Overall Height 1640 mm
Overall Width 1380 mm
Pump Type Horizontal Triplex Power(HTP)
Pump Power Requirement 2.0-5.0 kW
Type of Nozzle Hollow Cone
Power of Required 15 hp & above
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