Top Advantages Of Using a Disc Plough In Agriculture

Modern day agriculture is adopting new technologies for smooth functioning and better yields. The integration of machinery such as disc plough is making tasks easier for farmers. A hydraulic reversible disc plough is designed to implement during tillage, which is an important activity to make the soil ready for cropping. The implementation of disc plough in this procedure serves a range of benefits for the farmers. Read our following blog to get to know about these advantages of disc plough.

Benefits Of Using A Disc Plough That Made Farming Easy

1. Easy Soil Turning

Disc plough is a game changer for the tillage activity. The rotating action in the disc plough helps the farmers to break the hard upper surface of the soil. Unlike other plough, disc plough doesn't drag the surface but cuts it into numerous pieces, which is exceptionally beneficial in stony and rocky areas. Moreover, disc plough can be operated through a tractor and hence provides extra pace in such tough situations. Therefore, disc plough serves easy soil turning in challenging areas.

2. Weed Control

Soil inversion with reversible disc plough helps to control the weed population. Each disc of the plough comes with a scrapper that provides a high speed turning activity. The rotating activity of the blades or discs cuts down the surface weeds and disrupts weed growth in the soil. Furthermore, disc ploughs also bury the weed seeds deep into the soil and bring the nutrient-rich layer to the surface. Thus, reversible disc plough can significantly control weed growth in the soil.

3. Versatility

Sticky and non sourcing areas are the toughest soils to deal with the farmers. But the arrival of hydraulic disc plough makes it easier for farmers to crop in such an environment. Disc plough being a rolling plough, can easily break down the soil in stony areas. However, operating other options such as another plough might not be so beneficial. Therefore, disc ploughs are considered versatile and provide efficiency in different soils.

4. Improved Water Penetration

The rolling action of the disc plough breaks the soil into fine pieces and creates channels deep into the soil. It builds up the path for water and makes the penetration smoother and deeper. Moreover, rocky areas help water to seep in by breaking the tuff surface of the ground. That's how disc plough improves water penetration during farming. This is crucially beneficial in water scarcity areas and locations with low rain possibilities.

5. Enhanced Root Development

Disc plough plays an indirect yet important action in improved root development. The cutting action of reversible disc plough breaks the soil clods into crumbles and creates a finer layer of soil. It helps the root cap of plants to easily penetrate the soil layer and enter deeper into the soil to acquire more water and nutrients. Therefore, disc plough can provide exceptional results in building soil that supports better growth of the crops.

6. Reduced Soil Erosion

Soil inversion through disc plough makes the tough outer surface penetrating and fluffy. This makes the soil to allow water to go deep into the surface and restrict soil erosion. Moreover, the fine and granulated layer of soil also retains water in small packets that improve the levels of usable water for the plant, hence better plant growth and reduction in soil erosion.

7. Nutrient Availability

As we have discussed above the turning action of the disc plough helps to bring the deep nutrient rich layer of the soil onto the top. That's why it improves the availability of humus and nutrients for the crops and enhances the fertility of the soil. Furthermore, the cutting action of discs incorporate the previous crop residues into the soil providing an extra amount of nutrients for plant growth.

8. Time Efficiency

Disc plough and its variants such as the hydraulic reversible disc plough can be operated through a tractor and reduces human intervention manifold. The lighting speed cutting and turning activity coupled with a tractor make the process smooth and fast paced. It reduces the extra labor cost and you can harvest more in less time.

9. Higher Yields

Disc plough provides numerous benefits to make the soil fertile and increase crop yields. It breaks the infertile tough surface and brings the nutrient rich layer onto the top, improving water penetration and root development of plants. Therefore, disc ploughs are one of the key machinery to enhance yields in tough situations.

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In the bottom line, we can say advanced technologies and machinery such as the disc plough revolutionized traditional agriculture. Disc provides an array of benefits for the farmers starting from creating fertile soil to prevent soil erosion. Therefore, if you are looking to adopt new technologies for improving crop yields, then a disc plough is a must to go for.

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