5 Benefits Of Using Reversible MB Plough For Farming

Reversible MB plough is one of the most popular equipment frequently used by farmers during primary and secondary tillage activity. It is an efficient tool that provides multiple functions to serve an enhanced farming environment for farmers. But why should one use an MB plough in replacement of manpower? What are the potential benefits of it?

With this blog, let’s see the benefits of reversible MB plough for effective farming and answer these questions.

Potential Benefits Of Using MB Plough In Your Farm

1. Enhanced Efficiency

When it comes to boosting efficiency, a reversible mould board plough is the perfect answer you are looking for. The advanced mechanism of this plough can help to improve productivity by flawlessly levelling up the soil. Using a reversible MB plough, you can easily get rid of applying extra weight to achieve the desired depth for sowing seeds.

Its configuration provides accuracy in attaining the desired depth during tillage activity. As a result, farmers can have beautifully levelled soil with preferred depth for further activities.

2. Reduced Labour Costs

Agriculture is a business with low margins and requires careful use of assets for better growth. Implementing technology and machinery like reversible MB plough can reduce expenditures on labour costs and provide the same or even better results. Let's see how this reversible plough can provide a better replacement for manpower:

  • Reversible MB plough provides faster levelling of soil and can be operated by a single user. In contrast, manual levelling of soil requires more manpower and time as well.
  • This plough can provide accurate tillage without harming the fertility of soil. However, the accuracy factor somehow lags behind in manual processes. Thus, it can provide accurate operations in less time and cost.

3. Weed Control

Besides levelling the soil and laying the foundation for sowing seeds, reversible MB plough also helps to remove harmful weeds from the land. Its powerful mechanism inverts the soil upside down to create furrows and loosen the crust.

During this process, the metal blades cut and uproot the weeds from deep inside the soil. The complete uprooting of the host plant minimizes the chances of regrowth and improves soil health.

4. Fast-Paced Results

Time is a crucial factor when it comes to agriculture. Reversible MB plough helps in accelerating growth by serving timely actions like soil inversion, sowing seeds, soil levelling, and many more in an efficient way. The faster-moving mould boards can cut and dig the solid crust in seconds. Moreover, the plough provides multi-functionality channels.

For example, a reversible MB plough can simultaneously cut, dig, and level the soil to prepare a ready-to-sow surface.

5. Preventing Soil Erosion

Implementing a reversible MB plough might not be a direct cause of prevention for soil erosion, however, it performs various actions that can provide some indirect ways. The MB plough can invert the soil by digging a dip into the earth's crust. It helps to bring the minerals and humus layer up to the surface. Hence, enhances the fertility of the soil and prevents erosion.

Furthermore, we have seen that reversible mould board plough provides effective results in weed control. Thus, it reduces the chances of soil erosion by eliminating harmful weeds from deep within the surface.

Other Benefits Of Using Reversible Mould Board Plough

  • Using a Reversible MB Plough helps to create even furrows in soil for optimal seed sowing.
  • Break the stony surface and create a suitable environment for cropping in difficult areas.
  • It promotes eco-friendly farming practices by preventing the use of chemicals for weed control.
  • It helps the farmers to get a high return on investment by enhancing productivity.


In summary, using an MB plough serves several benefits that can reduce efforts and provide better qualitative and quantitative results. Implementing advanced technology like reversible MB plough not only improves farming but also enhances productivity. Therefore, buying a reversible mould board plough for your farm will be the right decision.

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