How To Choose The Right Disc Plough For Your Needs?

Disc plough is one of the most popular and productive tools used in modern agriculture for primary and secondary tillage activities in the field. It provides enhanced functionality and improved results due to the unique disc shape and mechanical advancements. However, choosing a perfect disc plough is not easy due to the existing competition in the market.

Selecting the right plough can serve you desirable results whereas picking the wrong one can be a proven loss. Therefore, we have brought a guide to help you in choosing the perfect disc plough for your needs.

Things To Consider Before Choosing A Disc Plough

1. Soil Type

Understanding the soil becomes very important before choosing the plough. This is because different soils need different machinery for operating proper tillage. For example, if you possess land with hard soil, then you will require a disc plough with more blades with higher horsepower. And for loamy soil, a moldboard plough can be more suitable. Therefore having a keen knowledge about the soil type is crucial.

2. Plough Size

After examining the soil type, the next step is to consider the plough size you require for your field. If you are looking to operate the disc plough through a tractor, then choosing the appropriate size is essential for smooth functionality. The plough size should be decided based on the following factors:

  • Horsepower of the tractor
  • Field size
  • Toughness of the soil

3. Number Of Discs

The number of discs incorporated with the plough affects the width and depth of cutting during the tillage process. That's why different fields require different numbers of discs for a seamless operation. In perused soil or during the secondary tillage, the soil is easy to penetrate and turn over. Therefore, farmers require plough with a lower number of discs. But when it comes to touch and solid soil, more discs are required to loosen the soil and deeper ploughing.

4. Disc Spacing

You might be thinking about how disc spacing can affect the process of soil preparation. But do you know that spacing between the discs is a key factor in impactful slicing and deeper penetration? Therefore, choosing the plough with perfect disc spacing is crucial to maintain consistency. Disc spacing can potentially affect the ability of the plough and enhance the results in providing fast-paced actions.

5. Type of Disc Plough

There are several variants of disc plough present in the market depending upon the type of disc. Here are a few examples of different ploughs:

Hydraulic reversible disc plough: It is operated by a tractor and provides seamless soil inversion with minimal human intervention.

Notched disc plough: Notched disc ploughs are great for clearing crop residues and mixing the humus layer.

Plain disc plough: These are the conventional disc ploughs used to propagate tillage activities in hard soil.

6. Maintenance

Farmers always complain about maintenance issues after choosing the wrong plough for their fields. Therefore, considering the durability features and longevity of the plough is essential. Select the ploughs that provide long-term assurance and warranty.

Consider the adjustability factors like disc adjustment, speed control, and tractor compatibility during the buy. Check whether the plough is accessible to easy blade replacement and grease points or not. Assessing these factors will provide you with trouble-free maintenance in the future.

7. Budget

Budget is always been an important factor, especially in the field of agriculture. Therefore careful consideration of the plough is necessary to get a perfect fit within the budget. Here are some tips to find a good disc plough without breaking your pockets.

Tip 1: Consider choosing an adjustable disc plough that allows blade replacement and velocity adjustment. It allows you to use the same plough for different crop periods.

Tip 2: Purchase the plough from a reputed and trustworthy brand that provides high efficiency and warranty periods. It will be like a one-time investment that provides you with huge returns in terms of low maintenance and high yields.

Tip 3: Compare different suppliers of disc plough and don't choose randomly. But before that set your needs and budget.

8. Experts Advice

If you are completely blank about choosing the plough and don't have enough experience then it will be better to take advice from a professional. Their guidance will help you better understand your needs and select the proper disc plough for your field.

Wrapping It Up

In summary, choosing a disc plough depends on various factors starting from understanding the soil type to considering different aspects of a plough. Following the above tips will be a stepping stone for selecting the right disc plough for your needs. But in any confusion, you should connect to an agriculture expert for help.

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